Tippets: Fly Fishing Stereotypes, Opening of the White Salmon River, Tactics for Winter Fishing

January 10, 2013 By: Erin Block

  • The truth about fly fishing is the stereotype: tall tales, big fish, epic fights, a solitary soul on a river with no one else to see. “Anglers lie because the sport itself necessitates it,” writes Russ Beck in a poignant piece on The Huffington Post.
  • With demolition of the Condit Dam, the lower section of Washington state’s White Salmon River is now open for anglers. And more importantly, salmon too: “There’s nothing to hold them back now,” says Joe Hymer of the Department of Fish and Wildlife.
  • “Slow Down; Size Down; Tone Down; Present Down (stream)” Kirk Deeter advises, in a series of tips for winter fly fishing.