Tippets: How to Catch More Bonefish, Water for Steelhead, Fly Fishing the Caucasus Mountains, New CarpPro Podcast

October 20, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • From scent to setting the hook, read about three ways to catch more bonefish on the Deneki Outdoors blog.
  • In the Pescadero Estuary, as more water is being diverted to cities for human usage,  steelhead are under pressure. And now UC Berkeley engineering professor Mark Stacey is heading a project to implant 40 to 50 anadromous steelhead with acoustic tags, which will monitor how much water they need to thrive.
  • A group of four men travel Georgia’s rugged Caucasus Mountains and the untouched waters deep in their canyons. And once there, are reminded of why they choose to fish in the first place: “Each choice is sustained by the hope and belief that this is the fly, this is the cast, this is the one that will get the job done.”
  • CarpPro magazine has released the newest in their series of podcasts, produced by media editor Dan Frasier. Including interviews with Barry Reynolds, Trevor Tanner, and Ty Clifton–this is one not to miss.