Naked Nymphing, Conquering Cheesman, Pollutants in Tributaries of the Great Lakes

August 27, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Naked nymphing as Phil Rowley describes, is “a floating line coupled with a long, 15 feet or greater, leader.” Named for the absence of a strike indicator, it was developed specifically for use in still water and is a deadly technique to add to your arsenal.
  • Tying by the river for selective trout in Cheesman Canyon, David Goodrich reflects on how sometimes he does “something to make life more difficult only for the purpose to overcome. This aspect of my life, fishing, can never be conquered, never perfected.” And that, is why we fish on.
  • In Great Lake tributaries, recent research has revealed that there’s something in the water: persistent organic pollutants (POPs) carried into the smaller streams and rivers by salmon from the ocean. And fish sharing these waters have tested high for POPs as well, causing concern for the habitat’s overall health as well as human consumption.