Pros and Cons of Barbless, On Giving Second Tries, The Hole in the Colorado River

August 25, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Ian Anderson of The Warmwater Chronicles lays out the pros and cons of barbed and barbless hooks and also refutes some common misconceptions. “If nothing else, a debarbed hook is easier to get out of your cloths, your fishing buddies cloths, the net and even your own skin.”
  • Matt Skoglund writes on the powerlessness of piscatorial pursuits and why some things are worth giving a second go round.
  • Rob Firth, the Colorado River Headwaters Project Coordinator for Trout Unlimited, talks with Zachary Podmore about the hole in the Colorado River “a terribly dewatered section that puts this river in a very perilous state,” due to water diversions for the front range.