Western Bass Fishing, Stress Levels in Wyoming Waters, Psychology of the Fishing Hobby

August 22, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Often overlooked for its famous trout rivers, Western states nevertheless have some outstanding bass waters, too. In a recent issue in Fly Rod & Reel, Ralph Bartholdt, Kirk Deeter, Jeff Erickson and Brian O’Keefe give you the information you need on where and how to fish for bass in Oregon, Nevada, Washington, and Idaho.
  • With reports from the Wyoming Game and Fish Department of dead fish in local streams and rivers due to low water levels and high temperatures, anglers are urged to fish early/late in the day, and at higher elevations to reduce stress on fish populations.
  • Wray Herbert extrapolates on why some people persist with a hobby, and some don’t. Why do some anglers fish four weekends a year, and some make it their life and become legends (for example, Lefty Kreh)? “It appears that, initially, an intellectual challenge is what motivates us to develop expertise, but this mastery in turn allows us to keep searching and learning, adding layer upon layer to our understanding.” writes Herbert.