Unearthed Mayan Dam, Finger Sleeves, Tarpon as Lead Issue, Plastic Problems in the Great Lakes

August 17, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient Mayan dam, once standing around 33 feet high and holding 20 million gallons of water in a man-made reservoir. It was the “beginning of the end for the elusive Guatemalan steelhead” writes Geoff Mueller.
  • When stripping big streamers for big fish, you might want to consider “finger protection,” says Kent Klewein. Lycra finger sleeves can help you fish longer, harder, and be more aggressive on your hooksets.
  • Kenneth Wright has named tarpon fishing in Boca Grande Pass as one of his lead issues, as well as promises to address jig fishing for tarpon in his post as newly elected chairman of The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.
  • Staggering statistics from a State University of New York study reveals that less than 50 percent of plastics end up in landfills, and much ends up in bodies of water. And now, further research funded by an EPA grant is being performed to “tally the plastic content of the Great Lakes.” Which will hopefully help people recognize “that plastics in the environment is a problem we’re all responsible for,” says Dr. Sherri Mason, heading the study.