Carp Sandwiches, The Poet and the Tarpon, Tips for Fishing in Weed Beds

  • Following the distribution of mini “carp-wiches” at the Taste of Chicago event, Josh Mogerman explains why fighting invasive species with our forks may not be the best answer: “The Catch-22 is that while the ultimate goal is to fish down the populations to prevent ecological damage, there have to be enough Asian carp left to make the business lucrative for commercial fishermen.”
  • For Matt Smythe the damage has already been done; now it’s just keeping from ruin. A read about his first silver king will leave you holding your breath… and honestly hoping someday you’ll find yourself damaged, too.
  • Moving from mid- to late summer, ponds and small lakes grow into a green tangled mess of weeds, often resulting in a frustrating situation for fishing. But they also provide some of the best bass and panfishing of the season. Check out Phil Monohan’s strategies for wading, fishing, and navigating weed beds.


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