Low Water and Fishing Pressure, Warm Water Podcast, Robo Fish, It’s Good to be Local

June 14, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Lack of snowfall has made for outstanding spring fishing. But come fall, trout could be in danger of fishing pressure in low and warmer waters. John Packer of Avon’s Fly Fishing Outfitters believes education on fish handling and “fishing earlier and later in the day, rather than in the midday heat,” will be crucial this year.
  • Tom Rosenbauer’s podcast: “Ten Tips for Warm Water Fly Fishing” comes just at the right time, as summer fishing sets off in full swing
  • Providing insight into fish social behavior as well as the possibility of being able to draw fish away from danger or invasive species, researchers have found that zebrafish will follow a “a robot in fish’s clothing.”
  • Along with the best foods and fastest routes, Jake McGlothlin knows why it’s good to be local: the prerogative to mosey.