Rep Your Water, Smell of Fear, “Children in the Stream,” Fish Forensics

June 5, 2012 By: Erin Block

  • Proudly wear the waters you call home with Rep Your Water gear. Focused currently on Colorado and Montana, look for Wyoming, Alaska and more in the works.
  • Interested in starting a youth fly fishing program in your community? This summer check out the Children in the Stream Conference, whose curriculum promotes “a holistic interpretation of conservation and community involvement while nurturing future stewards of our natural resources.”
  • Fish can smell fear, according to neuroscientist Suresh Jesuthasan. “When the fish’s skin is injured, and added to water, they prompt alarm behavior in other fish.”
  • DNA testing is being used in identifying illegal, unreported or unregulated catches. It is an “ideal tool,” the research team from Nature Communications writes, “since it can be analyzed in any tissue type, from freshly caught fish to a fried fillet.”