Winston Adds 5-piece Travel Rod to its Boron IIIx Lineup

September 19, 2011 By: Kirk Deeter

Adding to their Boron IIIx series, this year R.L. Winston is introducing three new 5-piece Boron IIIx specialty travel rods which they’ve dubbed, “the ultimate Boron IIIx 5-piece travel rod.” These three new 9-foot rods in 4-weight, 5-weight and 6-weight models incorporate the same versatility and smooth-casting fast action of their high performance Boron IIIx rods. Moreover, these new Boron IIIx-5pc rods pack into a tiny, 24-inch long deep green graphite rod tube, 5-inches shorter than the tube that holds its 4-piece rods.

Like all Winston rods, this one is stunningly beautiful, with a high-grade reel seat, guides, and accents, but the real story is the Boron III, applied to a five-piece rod. While some rod companies are trending retro toward two-and even single-piece rods, Winston is on the forefront of making the multi-piece rod overcome ferrule-induced rigidity. And the BIIIx pulls that off with aplomb. Available in three sizes, 9-4, 9-5, and 9-6, these rods all pack down to fit in a tube 24 inches long, which makes them appealing for the backcountry hike-in trip, or the carry-on stowaway for someone who might want to steal a little time on the water on the next vacation. We have to guess that if there will be a race to top the $1000 mark for a U.S.-made graphite rod, we’re pretty sure Winston is going to win. But Winston rods are indeed among the prettiest, purest-casting rods an angler can buy, at any price.

All three rods in this series (490, 590 and 690) come with cigar grips, and a choice of either nickel/silver reel seats with beautiful box elder inserts, or their lightweight anodized aluminum reel seats. Easily able to pack into the overhead bin or slip into your bag, the new 5-piece Boron IIx travel rods will be available in 2012 for a MSRP of $895 at a R.L. Winston dealer near you.

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