Fly Fishing Films: Joan Wulff Video Biography

March 24, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

There are two reasons why “Joan Wulff’s Dynamics of Fly Casting” has outsold almost every other fly fishing DVD that’s been made to date: Joan Wulff and Jeffrey Pill.
Joan Wulff hardly needs an introduction. She dominated international casting competitions at a time when only men were winning medals, and she became a pre-eminent teacher of fly casting techniques. Director and producer Jeffrey Pill, on the other hand, should be a household name. His work in developing Joan’s instructional video, his earlier production of “Successful Fly Fishing Strategies” (with Gary LaFontaine), and then the later “The Art of Spey Casting” set standards that few fly fishing filmmakers have approached. I suppose we should expect as much from someone who is a former senior producer of “20/20” and series producer of “In Search Of” with Leonard Nimoy. You won’t find many glory shots in Jeff Pill’s videos, but you know after watching them that they will be just as valuable in 50 or 100 years as they are today.
This week we’re pleased to show you a biography of Wulff that Pill produced for “Dynamics.” It’s a cool bit of video about a remarkable woman. New on MidCurrent.