Books, Books, and More Books

Fly fishing publishers are in high gear in December and January. We were just at a book signing by Norm Zeigler, who’s new book Snook on a Fly (Stackpole Books, 109 pages) is one of the first efforts anyone has made to address snook as a fly fishing quarry. Nick Lyons said the book is “the best introduction I know to a great saltwater gamefish and how best to fly-fish for it.” (On Amazon.)
Meanwhile we received notice that Tom Rosenbauer’s revision of the classic Orvis Fly-Fishing Guide (The Lyons Press, 288 pages) is still on track for a January 1 release. Tom’s books are sleepers — incredibly detailed and well-considered, they are essential to complete any reading list. The new edition has over 400 new color photographs and illustrations. (On Amazon.)
And the Sun-Sentinel reviews Pat Ford’s The Best Fly-Fishing Trips Money Can Buy (Stackpole Books, 148 pages), which came out this July: “Ford either wrote or edited all of the chapters — Andy Mill did the chapter on tarpon, Billy Pate wrote about billfish and Capt. Rick Murphy wrote about baby tarpon, snook and redfish — which also cover bonefish, permit, sharks, tuna and peacock bass in South Florida, trout in Montana and Arizona, salmon in Alaska, golden dorado in Argentina and Bolivia and tigerfish in Africa.” (On Amazon.)

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