IGFA Fish-Length Records Confirmed

September 29, 2005 By: Marshall Cutchin

Yesterday the IGFA did confirm to us that there will be a new class of records that is based on length and requires that fish be released alive. In an email, Jason Schratwieser, Conservation Director, said: “IGFA is in the process of developing a new and distinct record category that is based on length. This category of records will also require mandatory release of all fish entered. However, when saying this, I always like to point out to people that many of the fish entered for our ‘traditional’ record categories are released alive due to the fact that anglers can weigh their fish using certified, portable hand scales. The new length category will most likely start out small, with 60 freshwater and 60 saltwater species that are amenable to anglers obtaining measurements and then releasing them alive. It will also not have line classes, but will be for the longest fish of each of the approved species. We currently do not have an activation date for the new category.”