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Tying a CDC & Elk Fly

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler ties the popular CDC & Elk pattern, authored by master tier Hans Weilenmann. The CDC & Elks is a high-floating caddis imitation based on Al Troth’s classic Elk Hair Caddis.

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  • Rbtgofish

    Great job & great looking fly.  Thanks for all the helpful tips and for presenting them in a simple way so they are easy to understand.
    Tie 1 ON

  • Jim

    Like the CDC & ELK fly, bouncing that off a rock would surely catch a trout.  I caught my first trout on an Elk Haqir caddis on the Arkansas River north of Canon City, CO.

  • Anonymous

    I have been fishing this fly on an English chalk stream for about two years now.  Our fly life is depleting rapidly so we don’t get the free for all we used to.  You therefore need a fly that is very appealing to the trout and for me this is the one I would reach for everytime I needed to use a general pattern and it can rise fish even though there are no visible rise forms.  Obviously it is a great immitation of a caddis pattern and the cdc feathers mixed in give the fly life.  It can sit quite low on the surface and trout seemed to be mesmerised by the deer hair  providing the roof tent shape of a caddis and the cdc imitating life in the fly.

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  • Gofishinor

     I will have to twist a few of these up. Nice bug and Video.

  • Christoffer Artmann

    The elk hair caddis is great but I like the traditional one more. Something like this

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