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Night Fishing on the South Branch of the Raritan

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler and friends gear up for and catch some large rainbows using Pine Squirrel Streamers and Olive Woolly Buggers–just the meal the big rainbows were waiting for.

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  • Nymphermaniac

    Great fishing video Tim. I enjoy you fly tying immensely also. First thing I noticed in the video: No bugs in the lights.

    • Tightline

      Actually there were quite a few bugs that night, mostly Light Cahills. We caught some smaller fish size 14 Light Cahill parachutes (carrying two rods, one rigged with a dry and the other with a streamer is the way to go).

  • Okieflier

    Great video. Keep up the good work!!

  • Pete

    Cool video Tim. I really enjoyed that. Around here, we do a fair amount of fishing for steelhead at night, but I’d never seen resident stream-dwelling rainbows pursued at night. Brown trout, especially large ones, are notoriously nocturnal. What about other species of salmonids? Do brook trout feed often at night?
    I may have to target something other than browns in the dark, after seeing the size of the rainbows you were catching. Wow.