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How to Tie the Shop Vac

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler ties a Shop Vac on a Dai-Riki #135 scud/pupa hook in a size 16.  “It’s hard to believe that such a simple pattern is so effective,” says Flagler.  “You can tie the Shop Vac in smaller sizes if you like but I rarely carry anything other than a size 16, because they just seem to work.”

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  • Glenn Brand emailed us with this comment: “Hi, always enjoy Tim’s videos. However, in the recent video received today, he mentions that Craig Mathews from blue ribbon flies is the originator of the shop vac. The originator is Rowan Nyman who used to guide for Craig but currently guides at the Firehole Lodge in MT? Rowan is probably one of the best guides in the lower 48 and certainly the Yellowstone area. He’s designed many other highly effective flies. Just wanted to make sure he got the credit.”

    • Tightline

      My sincere apologies to Rowan on this one, I definitely should have dug a little deeper to give credit where credit is due. Anyway, Rowan, if you happen to read this, sorry for the mix up and many thanks for the Shop Vac- incredible fly pattern!