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How to Tie an Easy Egg Pattern

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Productions

Tim Flagler demonstrates how to cook up “Eggs Over Easy” with a simple egg pattern made from Egg Yarn.  He ties this one on a Dai-Riki size 14 #125 2X short emerger hook.

“Although they look pretty good in the tying vise,” says Flagler, “it’s underwater where they really shine.”

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  • Andy Cox

    Tim – the technique you used to inflate the bubble/veil of the egg yarn looks like it can be adapted to the LaFontaine Caddis Pupa, et al patterns – I haven’t tried that yet, but thanks again for a great tip – just like the counterclockwise twisting of the thread to get a left hand bias when wrapping. Terrific !

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  • Guest

    I was showing a friend of mind this fly and he had the idea to tie it backwards so that the exposed wraps end up at the hook eye

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