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How to Tie an Antron Egg

Producer: Tim Flagler  |  Tightline Studios

“Whether you’re a fan of egg patterns or one of those people who believe they are ‘bait,’ it is hard to argue with their effectiveness,” says Tim Flagler.

Tim’s version of the Antron Egg is set apart by extreme realism and might lure even doubters into giving it a try.  He shows how to use a whip finish around the Antron dubbing to create a second sphere of material around the darker dubbing beneath.

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  • Jshingler

    I’m impressed. I wonder how many fights the pattern will last through.

  • BH206L3

    That one is so easy and quick to tie, it would not matter, the way you would fish those, you are bound to loose them hanging up on the bottom. If you are not losing flies, you are not fishing deep enough. Going to make some up for Winter Steel Head after deer season.

  • Luiz Sergio

    Did you covered it with some glue? Epoxi p ex?

  • don mcclurg

    wh ere did you find your box of varied colored antron fibers?