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“Father and Son”

Producer: William J. Meyer

William J. Meyer’s video tribute to his father, Larry Zander, was made just weeks before Mr. Zander passed away at the age of 78. Meyer played this video at his father’s funeral.

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  • Flyfish

    Maybe it has something to do with the passing of over 63 years of water under my own bridge, but this is one of the best flyfishing videos I’ve seen.  No head-banger music, no quirky editing to make it appear that more action took place in 3 1/2 minutes than has happened since the creation of the universe, no photoshop.  Just a look inside a guy’s personal flyfishing life.   

  • Bhakulin

    I did not get to spend a lot of time with my father growing up but when we did we went fishing or drove around looking for animals or animal tracks eating cracker, cheese, and deli meat sandwiches and talking about life. Thanks for sharing.

  • Jim

    So beautiful. Great tribute to your dad. Reminds me of mine. I miss my dad as I’m sure you miss your dad. Thank you

  • Paul Bunnett

    This is a man who loved and understood his father, good for you, please take resolve that he meant enough to you to miss him, that alone is enough to get you through. If you get a chance, go fish his favorite creek, he’d like that.