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“CONNECT:” Yellowstone

An exclusive clip on Yellowstone fly fishing for MidCurrent, from the newly released DVD “CONNECT,” by Confluence Films.

CONNECT features well-known anglers Greg Vincent, Jeff Currier, Jimmy Bartschi, Craig Mathews, Masa Katsumata, Brian Porter, and Captain Eric Wallace, and more than a dozen different fish species, both freshwater and saltwater.

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  • Gofisinor

    One day I plan ot fish Yellowstone, it’s on my list.

  • Beautiful fish and scenery! I love fishing, spent the whole of last summer fishing alone in the wilderness! Made a small video about it, hope you enjoy it!

  • Koony

    I may be wrong but I believe some of those scenes are from the confluence of Hellroaring and the Yellowstone. Fished that same area in July of this year.

  • Nice! Here’s another video you should check out that was shot in the Driftless Area of NE Iowa.