Fly Fishing History

Fly fishing in Chicago history

Future of Chicago’s Historic Lincoln Park Casting Pier in Question

A historic site for casting lessons, competitions and community-building in downtown Chicago deserves fly fishers' appreciation and attention.  Read more.
Homer Rhode Jr. History

Profile: Homer Rhode Jr.

Homer Rhode Jr. should be remembered as a man of many skills: fly rodder, naturalist, game warden, guide, amateur herpetologist, commercial fisherman, the list goes on and on.  Read more.
"Those Were the Days" by George Hommell

“Meeting Hemingway”

A bearded gentleman was standing on the upper deck of the Yacht Club and observing the scene. He called down to me, “Son, I can see you’re having problems. See that sign across the street that says CRAVEN LAWYERS? Go there and tell them that I sent you.”  Read more.