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Quick Tip: Polarized Glasses Will Get Kids Interested in Fly Fishing


I spent most of last Saturday dragging my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter around a lake or two up in Rocky Mountain National Park. We were hiking and throwing rocks in the water, and I was secretly trying to get her interested in … more

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How to Refurbish Wooden Oars for Your Fishing Boat


This is for all you folks who love to float and fish. I’ve slowly and stupidly been refinishing a wooden dory that was given to me since last summer. I’ve never done anything like it before and am findingthat it … more

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Lindsey Vonn Fly Casting at Go Pro Mountain Games


Even pro skiers need a little something to do in the summer.  Turns out Lindsey Vonn chose the Redington Vapen Red fly rod to learn a little fly casting at the Vail Go Pro Mountain Games a few weeks ago. … more

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First Glance: High N Dry Fishing Floatants


It’s that time of year.  It’s when manufacturers are either close to or unveiling their latest and greatest for next year (2015) to leading publications and media groups like We get to test a lot of new new gear, … more

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There’s a New Fly Company in the Neighborhood


The metaphorical neighborhood that is…. Stu Tripney hails from Scotland, and has run his fly shop near Athol, New Zealand since 2001. Stu has now launched an entire line of flies, called Stu’s Superior Flies, that covers everything from trevally to … more

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Video: Basic Safety When Fishing Whitewater


If you’re new to the sport or have just gotten into fishing from a boat it never hurts to bone up on a few safety tips that while seemingly mundane could very easily help save you or your buddy’s life. … more

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Podcast Interview: Kyle Schaefer of Tidal Roots


This week MidCurrent talks to Kyle Schaefer, partner in the new company Tidal Roots. Tidal Roots manufactures some of the most gorgeous wooden stand up paddle boards you’ve ever seen. The guys in charge over there also like to fly … more

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Quick Tip: Another DIY Stripping Basket


A few weeks ago I found what had to be one of the best DIY stripping baskets ever for travel, made by my friend Paul Prentis. It’s slightly involved, but very easy to create and very effective. I’ve now found … more

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Video: Fly Fishing Gear for Chasing Rooster Fish


If you’ve ever had dreams of catching a rooster fish on the fly you had better come prepared. It is one of the most demanding and elusive fish you will ever catch. It’s also one of the coolest. The 30 … more

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Gear Review: Patagonia Canvas Sun Booney Hat


I owned a Patagonia wide brimmed sun hat for many, many years.  It was one of my favorite hats.  They’ve stopped making it and I even forget its name, but it served me well. It was packable, super durable, stayed … more

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