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Tippets: Fishing Hats, High Water Safety

In the Summer 2015 issue of The Drake, Miles Nolte reflects on fishing hats. “All those stains and rumples kneaded into a hat are the stitching of time on the water,” he writes. “They are evidence of belonging, like calloused … more

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Video Hatch: “Philosophy of Fishing”

In this short film shot on the Little Truckee River, Kieth Rutherford talks about what keeps him coming back to the water. Via Warp Wave.

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Tippets: Stealthy Success, Mossy Creek Invitational, Snorkeling with Salmon

You can blow your cover before ever making a cast. A recent article by Kent Klewein addresses tips and techniques for stealth on and off the water. The 8th annual Mossy Creek Invitational (MCI) fly fishing competition was held in … more

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Sage and RIO to Sell Direct

Far Bank Enterprises, the parent company of Sage and RIO, has announced that the two brands will begin selling direct to customers in 2016. Will this hurt fly shops? Or as Far Bank has suggested, will it actually lead to … more

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Why We Fish

In an article recently re-published online from the August 1972 issue of Field & Stream, Nick Lyons explores the topic of why we fish. “What sends a person away from the comforts of his hard-earned home to fight insects, rain, … more

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Tippets: Whip Finishing, Soul River, Native Florida Bass

In a recent instructional video Lefty Kreh and Bob Clouser demonstrate how to tie off a whip finish, both using a tool as well as with just your fingers. Via Franken Fly. Navy veteran Chad Brown founded lifestyle brand Soul … more

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Video Hatch: “Italian Diaries Teaser”

This short film trailer from Brothers on the Fly features the waters of Italy and the journey of “taking the risk of leaving the sure thing for the uncertain.”

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Tippets: Rigging for Water Depth, Passing it On, New Mexico Public Access

Often “June begins in torrent and ends in drought,” writes Will Ryan. But through high water and low, you can still catch trout. Don’t miss Ryan’s advice on fishing and rigging two flies in a recent piece on Field & … more

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Video Hatch: “The Alaska Salmon Program”

Based out of the University of Washington, the Alaska Salmon Program is the oldest continuously running salmon research program in the world, and investigates factors influencing salmon production in Bristol Bay, Alaska. This film from Jason Ching highlights the program’s …

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Tippets: Fishing the Fly, Hemingway Facts, New Rules for Biscayne National Park

Even with the tenkara challenge of fishing one fly, different techniques make the simplicity work in different situations and for different species. Read a recent article by Tim Harris on really “fishing” a fly. Ernest Hemingway’s“The Old Man and the … more

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