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Tippets: Fish Killing Parasite Detected in Montana Rivers, Expanded Wilderness Areas, Grass Carp Invade Great Lakes

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks has released a map showing the parasite that led to the deaths of thousands of whitefish in the Yellowstone River is also living in portions of the Big Hole, Jefferson, Madison, East Gallatin, Boulder, Shields … more

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Tippets: Making Flies Move, Flies for the Driftless Area

Sometimes it takes more than a good cast and right fly to get a fish to bite. Some days, writes Louis Cahill, it’s all about the twitch. “This twitching technique works exceptionally well for fly patterns that imitate big food … more

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Vail Valley Anglers Seeking Shop Supervisor

Vail Valley Anglers has announced their search for a full-time shop supervisor, a position involving the day-to-day management of the retail store and staff. Read more in the press release below.

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Video Hatch: “Sunny Side of the Mountain”

This short film from Murray Brock features a fine day spent fly fishing the Ngongotaha River in New Zealand.

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Tippets: Fly Tying 101, Another Opinion: Do Fish Feel Pain?

Winter is often a time when anglers turn to the vise, and Travis Hall writes about good beginning tools and techniques in this fly tying 101 article via Blue Ridge Outdoors. New research by neurobiologist Brian Key published in the … more

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Tippets: Euro vs. Indicator Nymphing, Focus on Esox

Devin Olsen writes about his work with Fly Fishing Team USA and his conversion from indicator nymphing to Euro nymphing. Olsen outlines the pros and cons of European nymphing methods in this article on Gink & Gasoline. Members of the … more

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Video Hatch: “Seeing Red 2”

This short film features the fishery of Lower Laguna Madre in deep South Texas. Via Feed ‘Em Flies.

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Tippets: Choosing Fly Patterns, Looking for Winter Trout

Unless you’re fishing familiar water, wait until you’re streamside to tie on a fly. “Base your decision on your observations and experience,” advises George C. Costa, “not what the fly du jour was in your magazine subscription this month.” Via Hatch … more

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Video Hatch: “The Search for Understanding”

River Snorkeling provides great underwater shots of salmon and trout in this short film.

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Tippets: Casting Posture, Fly Fishing Companions: Jimmy Carter and Sandra Day O’Connor

Posture matters on the water, writes Louis Cahill. “I realize that fishing is a leisure activity, but fly fishing at least, is also an athletic activity and like anything athletic, posture matters. Better posture means better casting and that means … more

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