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Tippets: Possible Record Tarpon Released, Madison River Environmental Assessment, Catch and Release Best Practices

Sport Fishing magazine reports that a possible record-setting tarpon caught on fly rod and reel has been caught and released off the coast of Nicaragua. An environmental assessment of the Madison River that incorporated concerns over social conflict, congestion, and … more

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Video Hatch: “Red Flat Nickel Mine Campaign”

The Oregon Water Resources Department has recently denied the application to develop nickel mining in the area from the Red Flat Nickel Corp. This short film from the Native Fish Society highlights what is at stake for the Smith River.

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Video Hatch: “Once in Your Lifetime”

This trailer for the upcoming film features incredible footage of an international group of anglers fishing for wild Atlantic salmon and brown trout in the Highlands of Scotland.

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Tippets: Restoring the Greenback, Big Fish and Small Flies, Logging in the Tongass

Kyle Perkins writes about the restoration of greenback cutthroat trout to Zimmerman Lake in Colorado. Accompanied with great photos, you can read the post via The Greenbacks website of Trout Unlimited. Contrary to popular belief, big fish don’t always take … more

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Video Hatch: “Brothers On The Mayfly”

Catching big trout on dry flies is one of the bonuses of the mayfly hatch beautifully featured in this short film from Brothers on the Fly.

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Tippets: Pyramid Monsters, Detecting Strikes, New Ground for Tarpon Research

Alex Landeen fishes for the Lahontan cutthroat “monsters” of Pyramid Lake and shares the amazing images that resulted in a recent post and photo collection on Hatch Magazine. Detecting strikes when fishing a nymph can be difficult. However, Tom Rosenbauer … more

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Washington State Proposes Mandatory Hatchery Steelhead Retention

Washington state fisheries officials have proposed a plan that would make retention of hatchery-raised steelhead mandatory in all streams in the Southwest area of the state, beginning in July 2015. “The proposal is designed to keep hatchery steelhead off spawning … more

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Video Hatch: “Fly Tying Legend Jack Gartside, Forever a Boy”

Journalist Chuck Kraemer profiles fly tying legend Jack Gartside in this film from Greater Boston PBS.

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Video Hatch: “Wild Fish Works: Oregon Coast (Official Trailer)”

This film from Russell Schnitzer and Alan Moore shows the importance of wild fish to not only anglers, but to the environment, culture and economy. The full-length film will soon be released and available via Wild Fish Works.

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Reading Hemingway’s Fishing Logs

Along with a team of US researchers, John and Patrick Hemingway, grandsons of author Ernest Hemingway, are on a tour of Cuba to encourage closer ties between the two countries. They had hoped to gain access to Hemingway’s detailed  fishing … more

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