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Daniel Brake

Daniel Brake lives with his wife and kids in Wichita, Kansas, where he works as an interactive designer. In his spare time he loves to paint, draw, and fish. He has had several art shows over the past decade, including an invitation to participate in the 2004 Colorado Mountain Club Art Exhibit in Golden, Colorado.

For the past several years he has had a growing interest in fly fishing, going for local grass carp, largemouth bass, and winter-season trout.  Vacations find him wetting a line on rivers in Colorado and Montana, and places in between. Daniel has lately turned his artistic efforts to making scale drawings of trout (or other fish) for clients.

All images copyright © 2018 Daniel Brake
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  • ben


  • Jack Roberts

    This is very spectacular work. I encourage everyone to see this man’s drawings and chalks, especially his trout.