Artist Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/FlyArtByDanielLopez

As a design professional with a passion for all things creative, Daniel Lopez works on architectural, landscape architectural, urban design and planning projects in the US and around the globe.

Working to break free of common barriers in design and striving to look at things in a new light are part of his passionate approach. His deliberate intentions are to uncover hidden layers of detail within a project’s context and to find its voice. That same passion for creative exploration has carried into artwork related to fly fishing, which is another one of Daniel’s lifelong obsessions.

When he is not working on a project he can often be found stalking waters both local and exotic, enjoying the beauty of the great outdoors and the magical allure of fish of many forms and sizes. The experience of this part of his life has become a focus in his art explorations as well. His artwork is mixed media, usually starting out as hand drawings and sketches which are brought into the computer where he draws and paints the rest of the artwork on a Wacom tablet in sometimes two to three different graphic design programs.