Tippets: Dame Diana Rigg on Dry Fly Fishing, Best Duffel Bags

  • Actor Diana Rigg has long been an angler and observes a connection between her time on the water and creativity. “She sees a direct parallel between fishing and acting: timing and illusion are central to both.” Listen here to her segment with the BBC.
  • If travel is part of your time fly fishing, you know a good duffel bag is necessary. Don’t miss this recent article where Outside Magazine tests some of the top brand models and report on their findings.
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  • Paul Boote

    Re: Diana Rigg

    What a wonderful voice and spot-on about English dry fly fishing and more generally about fly fishing wherever it is done, too.

    Many will know Rigg from her recent appearance in Game of Thrones, but an earlier generation (particularly 1960s junior school boys, of which I was one) remember her as Mrs Emma Peel in the television series, The Avengers. The spirit of the can-do, kickass, leather-clad lady spy, Mrs Peel was revisited in the Mrs Kensington character in Mike Myers’ “Oh do behave!” Austin Powers movies many years later.

    Great actress, Diana Rigg. As a teenager I saw her on the London stage in a production of Shakespeare. Me and my class of fellow 14-year-olds suddenly decided that Shakespeare was a long-dead writer worthy of much-closer study.

    Thanks for the memories and some eminently good sense about fly fishing.

  • Les Bouck

    James Bond fans (like myself) remember her as the Countess Teresa di Vicenzo in “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” in 1969.


    Having had one serious crush on Ms. Rigg in the 1960’s and being a semi serious fly fisherman all my life I found her audio most fun! She has a way about her that intrigues even now. AS to her feelings about the moral aspect of fishing I agree whole heartedly!