"Poontangle 8" Scheduled for May 30-31

Every year in May or June a bunch of veteran tarpon anglers get together on No Name Key in the Florida Keys to raise money for good causes and to have fun fishing and trading stories. This year the event is planned for May 30-31 (about the time of a predicted Palolo worm hatch), and the benefit is for Casting for Recovery, which provides fly fishing retreats for women who have or have had breast cancer. Poontangle is supported by lots of generous businesses — Scientific Anglers, Loomis, Cabela’s, Cliff Outdoors, Islander, Temple Fork Outfitters and dozens of others — who donate products for a raffle and a silent auction. Not only are the giveaways great, but the the Poontangle camaraderie is something to be witnessed first-hand, with new registrants being treated like old friends and old friends flying in from all over the country to share in the enthusiasm, good food, and not-always-100%-accurate fish stories.
You can find more information about Poontangle 8, including registration info, on the Poontangle Web site.

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  • Gary Kellems

    As a founding member and having never missed a Poontangle, I want to personally thank you Marshall for thinking of us and writing of our charitable non-event. Other than perhaps myself you could not ask for a nicer bunch of ladies and gentlemen.
    Thank you,
    Gary Kellems
    Brandon FL.

  • Bob Brown

    Gary, despite what he implied, is one of the finest…as is his marine son.