Project Healing Waters on NPR

NPR just posted a podcast and story on Project Healing Waters, a program started by Capt. Ed Nicholson to help wounded Iraq veterans recover from physical and emotional trauma through fly fishing. “‘Everybody that knows me and loves me just noticed a huge difference,’ [Capt. Eivind] Forseth says. ‘When I started helping with this program, that became my mission. That’s just kinda what I started living for, besides my family.'” This stuff is always more potent when you hear the voices of the people whose lives have been changed.

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  • Judith Forseth

    I am Captain Forseth’s mother. I cannot adequately express our family’s gratitude to Ed Nicholson, John Colburn, PHW, and all the fishing enthusiasts everywhere who have been so instrumental in the emotional and physical recovery of our son. Unlike the angry and depressed young warrior who lay week after week in agonizing pain and uncertainty at Walter Reed, Eivind is once again the take-charge, morale-boosting leader who completed Ranger School at the top of his game. I truly believe that the thousands of wounded–physically and those with PTSD–would benefit greatly from the same fishing opportunities that Eivind began with some misgivings but enjoys now with spirit and passion. THANK YOU, fishermen and women everywhere!! Judith Forseth

  • Judith,
    Glad you found the story. We appreciate your comments.