Tying the Blind Spliced Loop

IN THIS VIDEO, George Anderson demonstrates how to put a Blind Spliced Loop in backing. The Spliced Loop is an excellent knot for creating a smooth, low-profile, and re-usable connection point. George shows the proper use of a splicing tool and offers lots of simple tips for making this somewhat intimidating knot easy to tie.

EXCERPT: “The tool that we use to do this is a little tool developed by Cortland and Gudebrod. It’s a little splicing tool that you can buy for a couple of dollars. And the tool itself has a small hook on the end and a gate that flips back over that hook to protect it as you pull it through the line. They make these tools in two sizes: here’s the larger one, and here’s the smaller one. We use the smaller one most of the time because it’s easier to get through the backing.”

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