Fly Fishing High, Dirty Water – Kelly Galloup

Producer: Kelly Galloup

A bunch of great tips from Kelly Galloup on how to fish high, dirty trout water.

“With runoff right around the corner, the rivers getting high and muddy, a lot of people are going to quit fishing. But obviously the fish still eat. What method is best? It is a great question, one we’re fielding almost daily right now because the rivers went up with all this warm temperature here in Montana really quick. I’ve done a lot of seminars on this and I can’t tell you how often I get these questions so I’m going to go through some of the basics.

First and foremost understand that what makes fish feed is biomass. When you have biomass is either when you have a hatch or when you have high dirty water and you’re getting a lot of dislodged flies.  They get the kicked off the rocks and this is a time when the fish are very comfortable. They can see in this water just fine. You can’t see them, but they can see the bugs just fine and they’re eating like crazy.”