T.C. Fishing | Amazonas, Brazil

There are many ways to visit the Amazon, but T.C Fishing’s mobile safari camps allow you to experience the real Amazon—the way the original explorers saw it hundreds of years ago—but with all of today’s luxuries. The world-class peacock bass fishing is the draw, of course, but the air-conditioned floating cabins with private bathrooms and showers, deluxe food, wine and cocktails prepared by the on-site chef, and massages on the beach will make this the trip of a lifetime.

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With exclusive access to more than 12 remote, unpressured watersheds, the camp staff always keeps their mobile camps on the best fishing spots at the right time. The waterways are all black-water rivers—clear but tea-stained because of the high humic acid levels. Why is this important? Because that water is so acidic that it doesn’t support mosquitos or other biting insects! These streams are home to more 2,500 species of fish, the most famous of which is the hard-fighting peacock bass, the largest member of the Cichlid family. These powerful fighters hit like a freight train and, pound-for-pound, might be the hardest-fighting freshwater fish in the world. Although most anglers target the peacock bass, you will catch a variety of unique and beautiful species as well.

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