Carrileufu Lodge | Carrileufu River Valley, Argentina

This is Patagonia fly fishing and hospitality at its finest! If casting big dry flies to large, hungry trout sounds like fun, then Carrileufu River Lodge is for you. Overlooking the stunning Carrileufu River Valley and surrounded by some of the best waters in Argentina, the Carrileufu Lodge is truly a world-class destination. From the exquisite attention to detail in the newly built lodge to the gourmet food and fine wines, lodge owner, Pancho Panzer and his friendly staff go to great lengths to ensure that your stay is unforgettable.

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Sitting high atop a ridge overlooking the Carrileufu River Valley, the Carrileufu Lodge is right in the heart of trout fishing paradise! Surrounded by legendary fisheries like the Carrileufu, Rivadavia, and Arrayanes, anglers have the opportunity to land the fish of a lifetime—as evidenced by the enormous fish pictures decorating the lodge’s great room.

This magnificent, family-run lodge features gourmet food, fine wines, breathtaking scenery and the finest hospitality. Upon stepping foot in the lodge, guests are immediately treated like family. During your stay, you take care of the fishing…and Pancho and his staff will take care of the rest.

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