Arroyo Verde Lodge | Estancia Arroyo Verde, Argentina

Visiting Arroyo Verde Lodge is truly a unique experience. This historic family-run lodge combines the class and elegance of a traditional Argentine estancia with some of the best fishing in Northern Argentina. Guests enjoy exclusive fishing access on the world-famous Trafúl River, which is well known for producing brown trout over 30 inches as well as enormous landlocked salmon.

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Nestled in a breathtaking volcanic valley in Northern Patagonia, Arroyo Verde is one of the most exquisite lodges in Argentina. Guests enjoy old-world service and hospitality as well as exclusive fishing access to the world-famous Trafúl River.

Fishing the Trafúl is very reminiscent of stalking wary trout on an untouched New Zealand stream. Clear water, long leaders and spooky fish are the norm. The challenge of landing one of the Trafúl’s trophy fish doesn’t land there, however! Since much of the river flows through beautiful, old-growth forest, and only wade fishing is permitted, there is often little room for backcasts. Despite all the challenges, those anglers dedicated enough to spend time on this magnificent river are handsomely rewarded.

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