Photographer Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici

Isaias Miciu Nicolaevici

“When asked if I consider myself a photographer, I must answer that I am not sure. I wonder, what does it mean to be a photographer today? If the end goal is to transmit emotions, dreams, a sense of utopia … then, perhaps I am.

To capture and record a moment it is necessary for the observer to become part of the medium, but without intervening. I do not think a person can interact in a situation without it changing. I consider myself a seeker of telling moments, who watches everyday situations in which man interacts with nature, out in the open air.”

Having produced and published for companies as Eddie Bauer, Beretta, Gray´s sporting Journal, NonStop of Gulfstream, Vogue, H2O magazine, and LTS, Isaias is today dedicated to fishing fine art photography, portraying anglers in Patagonia, freezing memories to stay forever as a piece of art.

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