Photographer Greg Houska

Greg Houska

“Alongside my father and younger brother, my uncle started me down the fly fishing path in 2002, I was eight years old. Growing as a family created a tight bond as we spent most weekends on the rivers of Western Colorado. The day of my 18th birthday I began guiding overnight trips through the Gunnison River Gorge during my summers, and then attended Nursing school in Utah for the rest of the year. Living in Salt Lake City I was exposed to the high-caliber images of many of the dominant fly fishing and skiing professional photographers, leading me to pick up a DSLR of my own.

I’ve since had a season of experience as a guide at Deneki’s Alaska West Lodge where I became enamored with two-handed rods and shooting photos of phenomenal casters. As I keep growing as a photographer and guide I hope to see a direct correlation with published work in this cranny of the outdoor adventure media market.”

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