Cecilia Pudge Kleinkauf

An Alaskan since 1969, Cecilia “Pudge” Kleinkauf is an attorney and a retired university professor. The company she founded, Women’s Flyfishing, has taught women how to fly fish and taken them on guided trips throughout Alaska to find the best fishing for salmon, trout, char, Arctic grayling, and other species. Their website womensflyfishing.net is the leading resource for fly fishing women online.

Author Articles

How to Land and Release Fish When Fly Fishing Alone

Question: How do I land and release a fish when I am out fishing by myself? Answer: It can be difficult to take a fish off of the hook and release it when you won’t have anyone to help you. Here are some tips for learning how to do it. Whether the fish is large or small, the first thing to do when you’re getting ready to un-hook it is to raise your rod...

Nymphing Techniques

Question: Since I can't see a nymph because it is underwater, what are the best ways to fish with it? Answer: Biologists say that about 80 to 90 per cent of a fish’s life is spent foraging beneath the surface of the water, so to be successful that’s where your fly should be for much of your fishing time. Fly anglers generally group the stages of a...