Tippets: Podcast with Gary Borger, Gladiators of the Sea, Angler Personality Traits

March 20, 2016 By: Erin Block

  • Author and instructor Gary Borger sits down for an in-depth discussion about his career in the fly-fishing industry in the most recent episode of Anchored with April Vokey. Listen here.
  • Gladiator of the sea is a great way to describe the swordfish: “a powerful, determined fighter, capable of astonishing runs and leaps.”  Juan C. Levesque outlines the unique life history of the species in a recent article on Florida Sportsman.
  • Any introverted personality will easily identify with a recent piece by Kent Klewein on pushing yourself to be a better angler. “If you want to tap into your full potential as a fly fisherman,” he writes, “you have to be willing to expose your weaknesses.”