Courtesy: "If You Want to Wear My Waders"

May 28, 2010 By: Marshall Cutchin

Dave Figura quotes Wayne Walts, owner of Syracuse, New York’s Troutfitter, a fly fishing specialty shop, on his personal (though not recommended) response to being crowded by a discourteous angler. “Being my age, I usually just say what’s on my mind,” Walts said. “Something like, ‘If you wanted to try my waders on for size, you should just ask me and I’ll take them off so you can get in them.’” On Syracuse.com.
Walts is right about at least one thing: most of what we perceive as lack of consideration on any fishing water comes from ignorance. (Even if the second most common reason why anglers abandon decency is sheer greed.) My personal rule: if you think you might be interfering with someone else’s fishing, assume you are. Besides avoiding potential conflict, searching for new water will also improve your skills as a fly fisher. Many of the best days of fishing I’ve had happened when someone else got to “my” water first.