CND Spey Rods

September 30, 2009 By: zmatthews

One of the things I like most about having the opportunity to blog here on MidCurrent is the chance to shine a spotlight on some of the smaller companies involved in fly fishing–the ones without marketing budgets, who nonetheless make great products. One such company is CND: “Custom Nobuo Design.”
Nobuo Nodera (I believe his surname is reversed in the Japanese fashion) is an extremely well-regarded spey rod designer who once worked for Daiwa UK (where Daiwa’s salmon fishing products are considered to be top rods). I got my hands on a 13′ 6/7 CND “Expert” series Spey rod back in 2005. It’s a black, traditional action (meaning flexible) two hander that I’ve used to catch several large rainbows and browns in Southern tailwaters like the Cumberland.
CND makes a full lineup of Spey rods, most with European touches like downlocking oversized reel seats and ceramic insert tip-tops. They also make a full lineup of Spey lines. I recently demoed an “E.L.F.” (for “extra low friction”) running line with a Skagit head in highly unusual circumstances. The Atlanta floods last week meant most streets were effectively streams for several hours. Having been sent home from work, I strung a seven-weight two hander with the E.L.F. line system and proceeded to boom spey casts where the neighborhood kids usually ride their bikes. The line’s integrated loops meant it went through the guides like butter, and the slickness could not be beat.
CND makes a great product and has next to no ad budget. You owe it to yourself to get acquainted with their lineup at cndspeyusa.com.
Have you tried a CND rod in your local area? Know of a regional dealer for this little-known company? Let us know in the Comments section.