Hauling Cutthroat By Horse and Mule

September 18, 2009 By: Marshall Cutchin

“About 5 pounds of fish were loaded into four containers with about 80 pounds of water in each. Two of the pack mules were loaded up to carry two containers. Another mule was loaded with camping equipment for the five Forest Service personnel making the trip. ‘As much of an effort as this is and all the people involved, it’s still a lot cheaper than firing up the helicopter,’ [Washoe Park Trout Hatchery’s Mark] Sweeney said.”
Eschewing $7000 first-class-passenger tickets, two-inch cutthroat fingerlings get to ride horseback to Tamarack Lake in western Montana. John Grant Emeigh tells about it in the Helena Independent Record.
The story’s an interesting counterpoint to Colorodo’s high-tech fish drops reported on by Kirk Deeter recently. (See “Bombing the Lakes with Trout.”)