Danielsson Revamps Fly Reel Models

December 4, 2008 By: Marshall Cutchin

Danielsson Fly ReelsSwedish fly reel maker Danielsson just announced three new reel models to replace their FW, LW and HD series. Featuring a configurable drag system that allows anglers to fine-tune drag pressure at each setting, the new reel designs — the F3W, L5W and H5D — will be ready for delivery early this month.
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SWEDEN// Danielsson Innovation is in the progress of completion of three new model series. These will replace FW, LW and HD series, and we expect to begin the first delivery early December. Their design will be recognized by the silhouette of the LW, other details have a convenient shape and it flows from one part to the next. The form provides a timeless genuinely exclusive impression.
Regarding function; we have used our many years of experience in terms of mechanical design and created reels with extreme reliability and functionality. All this is in line with our objective to be a leader in what we do. These reels are made for the future, normative!
The function:
The drag system is new and unique in terms of material and function. It is possible for the users to adjust the brake as they like. Fishermen use their reels in different ways, some want more and some want less drag range. On our new reels, the user has possibility to configure the drag system in up to 5 different levels. This allows you to really get what you want. The lowest level gives a very sensitive range, which for light fishing means that, the most of range on the drag knob are usable. Highest level gives a very strong maximum tension for heavier fishing.
In relation with the new material that we use in the drag discs, the tensions is constantly and accurately without any slip stick or other bad characteristics, in all levels. [In our tests this material gives much better results than so-called”Carbon/Carbon” materials.] We were the first to use C / C materials in fly-fishing reels, now we have gone a step further. We call it D-VTCS (Danielsson Variable Torque Controller System). The drag knob is also something that we have built in an additional functionality into. In addition to the levels D-VTCS offer, the user can fine-tune the default setting in all levels, thus one more ability to easily personalize the reel. Furthermore, this system has a built-in feature that protecting the reel against overload. It’s not possible to accidentally put it too hard. We call it the D-FOPS (Danielsson Fine Tuning and Overload Protect System).
Take a look at our unique spool change/locking system and I think you can say it is absolutely reliable. When the spool has been assembled it stays there. When you changing it, there is no sensitive micro-mechanical locking mechanism that can fail or any loose parts you can lose. We call the spool change system for D-SLS (Danielsson Spider Lock System).
We know how important it is that the reels are properly sealed against water and dirt. Therefore we have chosen a system that provides more than an adequate sealing. This is also tested and
verified in a pressure chamber, we don’t just say things, we fulfill them. It isn’t only the essential parts which are sealed; all the moving parts are protected. Even the little part that makes you to feel steps when turning the drag knob is protected. All this to create a product that gives you as customer an added value, something to trust on. We call this system D-TES (Danielsson Total Enclosure System).
Another great feature is that the clicker, the component that generates click sound when winding is possible to deactivate. We are quite alone about this. It may seem an insignificant detail, but it is so many that either likes it or not, so it is good that the option exists. The clicker is also designed so you don’t feel it when you crank the reel. A clicker is supposed to be something you hear, not something that interrupt the contact between you and the fish you just hooked. These reels are made for hard use and built to meet long-term use without any service needs. So the likelihood that the reel is going to malfunction when you hook your dream fish is almost non-existent. We are quite confident that you as customer will appreciate these reels because they get an added value in the function, we can say that you get several reels in one.