Fly Fishing the Gaspe Peninsula

August 20, 2004 By: Marshall Cutchin

“‘We have six primary salmon rivers,’ Greiner said. ‘Of the hundreds of pools available, I’d rate the top ones as White House on the York, Big Indian on the Saint Jean, Maitland on the Saint Jean, then Spruin Rock and Gourmet Camp on the York. Oh, and I’d have to put Molson Camp in there.'” That’s Bill Greiner of Malbaie Lodge revealing his choices of the best spots to fly fish for Atlantic salmon in this famous Canadian fishery. To make his trip all the more “classic,” Joe Doggett fishes with an H.S. “Pinky” Gillum bamboo rod, built during the early 1950s, and an Edward vom Hofe German silver and hard rubber hard rubber reel from the 1930s. In the Houston Chronicle. Map of area.