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The Company You Keep

Perhaps the best advice on how to improve your skills on the water is to fish with anglers who are more accomplished and knowledgeable than yourself. “Successful fishing begins in your head,” writes Matthew Copeland. “What’s in there is influenced … more

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Fish Key in on Shrews, Study Finds

“Mousing” has developed a unique following of anglers who head out after dark to draw fish out with big, topwater mouse patterns. And a new study published in the journal Ecology of Freshwater Fish proves the effort may indeed be worth … more

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Tenkara, At Home in the High Country

While Tenkara was once considered a “fad” in the U.S., the ancient Japanese method of fishing is holding its own, proving it’s here to stay. In a recent article in The Denver Post, Scott Willoughby focuses on its popularity along … more

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Video Hatch: “Picking Off the Picky Ones”

In this short film premiering exclusively on MidCurrent, Joe Goodspeed of Cortland Line Company and John Herzer of Blackfoot River Outfitters demonstrate the difference the right line makes when fishing to finicky trout in difficult waters. In this case, Cortland’s … more

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Under a Muskie Moon

Called the fish of 10,000 casts for good reason, the muskellunge is one of the most difficult species for anglers to land. However, new research published in the journal PLOS One investigates lunar phases with muskie activity, and reveals a … more

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Video: What We Can Learn from Competitive Fly Fishing

Whether you are fascinated by competitive fly fishing or think it is the bane of the sport, it’s hard not to agree that the techniques used and developed in timed, scored angling offer insights into how to catch more fish. …

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Tenkara’s Success in the West

Tenkara, the ancient method of fishing developed in the mountainous regions of Japan, is experiencing a renaissance on the small streams of the US West. Introduced to the United States in 2009 by Daniel Galhardo, the technique is drawing more … more

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Video Hatch: “John Gierach Talks Tenkara: All Fishermen Are Liars”

Daniel Galhardo, founder of Tenkara USA, talks to author John Gierach about his interest and practice of tenkara, which Gierach also writes about in his new book All Fishermen are Liars. Via Tenkara USA.

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Low Viz

Low visibility and bleakness on the flats can cause some things to become clear, and also demands focus, as Louis Cahill writes in a recent piece, “I have one thing left to do. To search this blue-white void. To see … more

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Tippets: Spring Bass, Silent Invaders

The polar vortex that has made winter miserable in the upper Midwest and Great Lakes region might actually be good for spring bass fishing. Dave Wolak explains on Field &  Stream. Invasive zebra mussels can wreak havoc on an ecosystem … more

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