Fly Fishing Techniques

Fly Fishing for Muskie

Photo Essay: To Catch a Musky

"Chasing the muskies of the Northwoods has taught me patience, perseverance, and the conviction that some types of madness are very much worth it."  Read more.
Fly Fishing for Musky

A Musky’s a Musky. And It Hates You.

"If you do get a hook to stick, the musky does not run, does not ask to be put on the reel. It steps up, looks you in the eye, and, assuming you are trying to kill it, tries to kill you right back."  Read more.
Fly Fishing Stories

“Making It Into the Book”

Good days aren’t fodder for stories. For they require tension: the gray that gives black and white any sense or meaning at all.  Read more.