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Bahamas Flats Fishing Proposal Creates Alarm

Last Wednesday, the government of the Bahamas released a proposal for new regulations that would change the way anglers, lodges and visitors can participate in fishing-related activities on the flats.   The broad reach of the regulation scope, as well … more

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How to Tie the Evil Olive

Tim Flagler introduces the Evil Olive, a pattern that borrows from both Higa’s SOS and the W-D 40, in this week’s featured video. “I like how the mallard fibers get magnified and how the thorax looks like it’s about to bust …

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How to Tie a Swimming Crane Fly Larva

For a long time, Tim Flagler says, he assumed crane fly larvae were best imitated with patterns designed for stationary presentation.  After some investigation, though, he’s convinced that patterns like his Swimming Crane Fly Larva are a better choice.  “I’ve had success …

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How to Tie a March Brown Emerger

Matt Grobert ties a simple March Brown Emerger in this week’s featured tying video.  Even super-picky upper Delaware trout just can’t seem to resist the charms of this easy-to-tie pattern, which with a few color changes can be used to imitate …

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How to Tie a Mercer’s Missing Link

Matt Grobert ties a Mercer’s Missing Link on a size 14 TMC 100 dry fly hook in this week’s featuring fly tying video.  Originally designed as a crippled caddisly pattern, the Missing Link can be tied in many colors and sizes and used …

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How to Tie a Sulphur Usual Variant

With special attention on how to select and sort the perfect hair from snowshoe rabbit feet, Tim Flagler demonstrates how to tie a Sulphur variation of Fran Betters’s famed Usual fly pattern in this week’s featured video.

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How to Take Fish-Friendly Photos with a GoPro

Tim Flagler offers detailed instructions for taking fish-friendly photos using a GoPro camera in this week’s featured video. “Believe it or not, with the GoPro and net rig you can even get some selfie type, grip and grin shots if that’s … more

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How to Tie a Wood Duck Scud

Ask the average beginning fly fisher what trout foods are most important to their quarry.  If you hear “scuds” in their answer it will probably come far down the list.  But in many waters scuds are a key part of the …

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How to Tie a Blood Knot

The Blood Knot is the subject of this week’s instructional video.  Tim Flagler uses large-diameter material to show the knot’s structure, then follows up with actual leader-size monofilament. As Tim says: “The blood knot is probably best known for joining monofilament …

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How to Tie the Peacock and Partridge

The Peacock and Partridge is one of those ancient patterns combines a soft hackle style with simple construction to produce an all-purpose fly that can be fished multiple ways. Tier Tim Flagler updates his version with modern materials, and notes: “Using just …

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