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New Trout Unlimited Report Documents Importance of Small Streams

In face of continuing threats to the Clean Water Act, TU is asking for anglers to take action to prevent congressional meddling.

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TU’s Chris Wood to Senate: “Don’t Gut the Clean Water Act”

Tomorrow morning the U.S. Senate Appropriations Committee will consider an amendment to an appropriations bill that would undermine Clean Water Act protections for important trout, salmon and steelhead habitat.  Today TU CEO Chris Wood had this to say about the … more

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How to Tie a Thorax-Style Sulphur Dun

The Thorax-Style Sulphur Dun is the focus of this week’s featured tying video.  Matt Grobert ties a sulphur version of Vince Marinaro’s classic pattern, starting with a size 14 Dai-Riki #300 dry fly hook.

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Video: What We Can Learn from Competitive Fly Fishing

Whether you are fascinated by competitive fly fishing or think it is the bane of the sport, it’s hard not to agree that the techniques used and developed in timed, scored angling offer insights into how to catch more fish. …

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How to Tie the Davy Knot

This week’s featured video shows you how to tie both the Davy Knot and the Improved (or Double) Davy Knot, small-profile knots that are easy to learn and perfect for flies size 18 and under.

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How to Tie the Dorato Hare’s Ear

Matt Grobert demonstrates how to tie the Dorato Hare’s Ear, which was designed to imitate a newly emerged caddis fly, in this week’s featured tying video. Says videographer Tim Flagler: “Although maybe not as handsome as it’s close cousin the Adams, the Dorato …

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How to Tie Walt’s Worm (Standard and Sexy)

In this week’s featured fly tying video, Tim Flagler ties both the standard and “Sexy” version of the Walt’s Worm, a fast-sinking crane fly larva imitation. “The original Walt’s Worm, developed by Walt Young of Pennsylvania, has been a favorite …

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How to Tie the Tungsten Torpedo

Matt Grobert ties the Tungsten Torpedo in this week’s featured tying video.  As videographer Tim Flagler says, “it’s become a staple of competitive fly fishermen and with good reason: it works.”

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How to Build the Perfect Trout Leader

“Building a Leader” is the subject of this week’s featured video.  Tim Flager covers every step in the leader-assembly process for a 10-foot 4X leader, from segment measurement to knotting.

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Peter Matthiessen Dies

Peter Matthiessen, an author and naturalist who as much as any one writer in the last century spoke through the voice of wilderness, died yesterday of acute leukemia.  Matthiessen’s final novel, In Paradise, about a visit to a Nazi extermination camp, will be published … more

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