4-Pound Tippet Tarpon Record Set Sunday

This past Sunday, Thane Morgan of Amarillo, TX, fly fishing with guide Dustin Huff, caught a 119-pound, 3-ounce tarpon on tippet that tested out at 3.8 pounds at the IGFA.  The previous record for 4-pound tippet was 48 pounds, 4 ounces.

Morgan was using a Hardy 10-weight fly rod, a Tibor Riptide reel, and a Cortland Tropic Plus fly line.

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  • aaron

    What reel was he using…that’s the real question…i want one.


  • Dave

    Did the fish live? To land a big fish on a tiny tippet sure would put a lot of stress on the fish.

    • They decided before trying to catch it that they would take the fish, I believe.