Clear Cure Goo Offers Tack-Free UV Cured Adhesives

Clear Cure Goo is a one-part, UV-light-cured epoxy that started showing up on fly tying benches in late 2009.  The company’s two core products, Clear Cure Goo Thick and Clear Cure Goo Thin, have been a big hit with fly tiers thanks to fast cure times and on-the-water performance.  This early success allowed the company to expand its product line in mid-2010, when they added two new products: Clear Cure Goo Flexible and Clear Cure Goo Brushable.

In response to customer feedback, Clear Cure Goo recently launched tack-free versions of each of their four products.

Clear Cure Goo Thick

Clear Cure Goo Thick is a one-part, non-yellowing, shatterproof replacement for epoxy.   This product cures with the Clear Cure Goo UV light in only three to five seconds.  Sold in 10ml syringes, this product is perfect for creating Surf Candies, Spoon Flies and Epoxy Shrimp.  It has a shelf life of 18 months and retails for $10.50, or $13.50 in the Tack Free version.

Clear Cure Goo Thin

As its name implies, Clear Cure Goo Thin has a lower viscosity than Clear Cure Goo Thick.  This product is great for scud back and nymph patterns, such as coating the wingcase on Copper Johns.  This product is sold in 10ml syringes, has a shelf life of 18 months, and retails for $10.50, or $13.50 in the Tack Free version.

Clear Cure Goo Flexible

This product is a nice alternative to silicone or Softex.  Once cured, it is “chewy” like bass soft plastics. It cures in 15-20 seconds and is an ideal adhesive to use when you need what you’re tying to hold a particular form yet still want it to have flexibility or movement in the water, such as with flexible baitfish fly patterns.  The retail price for a 10ml syringe is $11.95, or $14.75 in the Tack Free version.

Clear Cure Goo Brushable

A very fluid version of Clear Cure Goo, this product was created with EZ body and Crease flies in mind, as it rapidly smooths out once applied. Clear Cure Goo Brushable is also ideal for stiffening up materials that easily foul or when you need to add a fine layer of protection.  This product brings out color and adds translucence to flies.  It is sold in a 15 ml brush cap bottle, and retails for $14.50, or $16.95 in the Tack Free version.

Clear Cure Goo Kit

The Clear Cure Goo Kit contains one 10ml syringe if Clear Cure Goo Thick, one syringe of Clear Cure Goo Thin, and the Clear Cure Goo Curing Light.  Retail price is $49.99

Clear Cure Goo Curing Light

This is a 21 LED UV light powered by three AAA batteries.  This is the light that the entire Clear Cure Goo product line was developed around, and retails for $30

You can purchase Clear Cure Goo directly from their website, or by finding a dealer near you.

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  • Crimonny

    Where can I get a UV cure light that I can also plug in?

    • Mangrove
      I prefer the product they offer there.  It is more expensive, but it is so much better.
      It is dental grade. They have been using it in dentistry for years. 

  • Bill

    I purchased Tack free Clear Cure Goo. It is easy to apply and hardens well but it is no more tack free than the standard product. Too bad, I tried everything to make it work. I contacted the company and they immediately offered to replace the product and curing light. That was 2-3 weeks ago. Now I can’t even get a response to an email.

  • TC

    That funny I just got there Hydro after having used their tack free squeeze material and loving it… I found it to be ask advertised. But had to apply it in thin layers and cured it it a little longer than the normal stuff. They Hydro however, cures beautifully in about 3 seconds and is super clear. I would check your batteries, before writing off Clear Cure Goo