Tying a PMD Nymph

Producer: Richard Strolis

Hook: Dohiku 302 Size 16, or Any Barbless Hook
Thread: UTC 70 Dark brown
Bead: 2mm Copper or Tungsten Copper
Tail: Medium Pardo Coq De Leon
Abdomen: Tan Acetate Floss
Rib: Gold Sulky Holographic
Wingcase: Red/Brown Hareline Flashback
Thorax: Light Olive Hare-tron Dubb

“This particular PMD nymph was concocted after I researched several patterns online prior to a trip out west. I wanted a slim-bodied nymph that was virtually indestructible and that would catch dozens of trout without falling apart. The acetate floss trick, although adding a little more time to the recipe, provides a bomb-proof fused body that is semi-translucent, an attribute that made this fly really deadly. Alter the color and sizes and you can imitate just about any smaller mayfly nymph.”