“Girl Got Game”

Long a male-dominated sport, fly fishing has been attracting thousands of female anglers in recent years. Among the most remarkable of these is Alex Woodsum. Having grown up fly fishing with her father, Alex is a highly skilled angler more than up to the challenge facing her.

“Right here.”

“Yeah, right there. You ready? Go ahead, I’m gonna turn you a little right more. Yeah right out there. Keep going….”

“I think it’s a really cool thing to see all these women, you know, coming into the sport. Not just with tarpon fishing but with flying fish in general. I hate to say it but I think women would be better than men.  They pay attention to more detail …  they’re more agile…  With Alex she  pays attention to every little detail.”

Alex Woodson is one of Jared Raskob’s frequent clients and is a threat to any inhabitant of these waters. Alex grew up quite literally eight weight in hand traveling the world with her father Steven, an accomplished angler in his own right. The countless days Alex has spent fishing with her dad have armed her with wonderful life skills and the ingredient perhaps most essential to fishing: success time on the water.