Euro Nymphing – Bow & Arrow Cast

Producer: Troutyeah.com

“Bow and arrow casts on our European setup can be a great technique for fishing under trees, fishing around structure, or to make an accurate cast when there’s no back casting room. To do a bow & arrow cast I’m going to hold the bend of the hook behind the point, and flex my rod.

Your leader length should be about the same length as your rod.  Make sure that you grab the fly behind the point, push your rod forward with your casting hand and pull back the fly with your other hand, loading the rod. Make sure the line is anchored in your casting hand when releasing.  Hold your rod firm and steady

I’m on the far side, almost to the bank over there. You still have current but it is very soft water. I’m gonna fish a very short tippet… and one fly. I’m gonna fish it real slow—almost like a dry-dropper—and put it right in his face. Although your distance with this cast is limited, it’s accurate and a fun way to fish.”